Stellar Kayaks and Surf Skis

WePaddle, in conjunction with Paul of GBoards are a major stocker of Stellar Surf Skis and Kayaks.
We not only carry stock and run demos (in Melbourne, Geelong or the West Coast of Victoria), we also offer professional repair of Stellar skis.

Why buy a Stellar Ski over rival brands??
There are several reasons why a Stellar Ski from Tim at WePaddle or Paul at GBoards is the superior choice on the market:

  • Superior stability for the same speed in all comparable models.
  • Fantastic prices.
  • A great range of skis for all standards and sizes of paddlers.
  • Free demos.
  • A free 1 hour craft set up and paddling lesson from Victoria's No 1. ocean paddler and coach, Tim Altman.
  • Professional repairs by John Ayton (GBoards) at wholesale prices (not offered to any other ski brand or manufacturer).
For enquiries email Tim at or call him on 0425 739 918 or purchase via our online shop.

Stellar Kayak and Surf Ski Reviews

Click the links below to read reviews on Stellar Kayaks and Surf Skis by Wesley Echols

Stellar SEL Surf Ski
Stellar Elite Low Volume (SEL)
"Stable as V10 Sport Ultra, Fast as V12."
Stellar SR Surfski
Stellar SR Surfski
"No initial stability twitching, no wobble, no bracing, just get in and paddle."
Stellar SES Surfski
Stellar SES
"...a near perfect combination of speed and stability for the small to mid size paddler who fits into the narrow bucket..."